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Virtual forum on the Supply of Goods and Services to Mining in West Africa
Wednesday 01 - Thursday 02 February 2023

The Canada-Mali Chamber of Commerce and its partners will organize, from February 1 to 2, 2023, the Virtual forum on the Supply of Goods and Services to the Mines in West Africa.

The objective of the forum is to create opportunities for trade in mining goods and services between West African mining companies and Canadian suppliers.

This virtual forum will center around two components. An exploration component and a commercial component.

The exploration component will allow suppliers of goods and services in West Africa and those in Canada and Saskatchewan to:

  1.  Learn about the mining sector in Mali, Burkina-Faso, and Guinea, their markets and major players;
  2. To allow participants to benefit from the know-how of experts in the West African, Canadian and Saskatchewan mining industry;
  3. Benefit from information on commercial opportunities for the supply of goods and services and West African needs;
  4. To promote the government programs that support Canadian and Saskatchewan suppliers and companies in exporting goods and services
  5. Build business relationships between Canadian and Saskatchewan suppliers of goods and services with West Africa.

See the provisor program of the show on our website  : See the programs 

      The forum will provide mining suppliers from Canada and Saskatchewan with the opportunity to establish reliable business relationships with proven West African mining companies and to diversify their markets and partners in the sector.

      Suppliers of goods and services to the mining industry in West Africa will meet with experienced and high potential suppliers from Canada and Saskatchewan in various markets.

      The exploration component of the forum will be held via Zoom on February 01, 2023.

      Suppliers of goods and services from West Africa and the African Diaspora in Canada who wish to do so, have until January 30, 2023, to register.

      The business component will:

      Provide pre-qualified companies from Mali, Burkina-Faso and Guinea with real business relationships and B2B with suppliers of goods and services to the mines facilitated by the Mali-Canada Chamber of Commerce, SIMSA, MSTA, Saskatchewan Trade Commissioners and the Canadian Embassy’s team in Mali.

      The B2B portion of the show will be held via Remo on February 2, 2023 and suppliers based in Canada and Saskatchewan have until January 30, 2023 to register.

      B2B meetings are scheduled in the Program and will be facilitated by:

      1. Mali-Canada Chamber of Commerce,
      2. SIMSA,
      3. MSTA,
      4. Saskatchewan Trade Commissionner
      5. The Embassy of Mali team in Canada
      6. The team of the Embassy of Canada in Mali.
      To arrange dates for B2B meetings, please contact: Mali-Canada Chamber of Commerce
      1. Mr Alpha Nouhoum CISSE
      3. SIMSA Saskatchewan
      4. Mr James Bulmer
        Industrial Concierge
      5. Saskatchewan Trade Commissioners
      6. Ms Kimberly Brown
      7. The team of the Embassy of Mali in Canada
      8. Ms Maiga Faoumata SYLLA
      9. The team of the Embassy of Mali in Canada
      10. Mr Ernest Akpoué

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      See the provisor program of the show on our website  : See the programs 

      Quick Facts on supplies of goods and services to Mines in Mali, Burkina-Faso and Guinea

      Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea have the fastest growing and most resilient economies in West Africa due to their mineral wealth.  Their annual GDP growth has been around 5 percent over the last decade. The three countries have recorded the following results in 2021.

      • Cumulative gold production in 2021 of Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea is 154 tons;
      • Cumulative direct gold revenues were CAD 3.5 billion in 2021;
      • Approximately CAD 14 billion in export revenues in 2021, or 77% of the countries’ total export revenues;
      • Approximately 74,500 cumulative jobs for the 3 countries directly and indirectly in 2021;
      • More than CAD 3 billion of local goods and services supplies to mines purchases in 2021 for a potential of CAD 14 billion.
      • Sub-Saharan Africa, and West Africa in particular, continues to be an important destination for mining and foreign direct investment. Approximately 25% of the world’s mineral resource discoveries over the past 10 years have been in Sub-Saharan Africa.

      The largest pockets of spending in terms of acquisitions of goods and services to mines are:

      • Mining equipment.
      • Supply of personal protective equipment
      • Spare parts, machinery and vehicle sales/leasing
      • Plant and equipment maintenance services. Mechanical repairs
      • Production and transport of ore;
      • Mining for open-pit extraction of ore
      • Supply of products for ore processing (lime, pellets, caustic soda, chloridric acid, silver nitrate, etc.);
      • Mining drilling (hydraulic and production);
      • Logistics services, distribution and land transportation of ore
      • Construction services (civil engineering)
      • Construction of various structures (dams, bridges, buildings, roads, etc.);
      • Construction of mining sites,
      • Construction of tailings facilities (earthworks)
      • Construction materials
      • Environmental and geological services
      • Professional services – financial, legal & human resources
      • Catering and food supply services;

      West African countries have put in place a large number of fiscal incentives and advantages to support enterprises and growth of companies and regulations favorable to investment (non-discrimination, repatriation of profits, 100% foreign ownership, protection against expropriation). Mali has signed numerous/different international agreements related to investment guarantees (MIGA) and dispute settlement (ICIRD, ACJP, OHADA);

      These countries and Canada have signed an agreement on the promotion and protection of investments. Those agreements are expected to further promote and secure investments between those countries and Canada.

      Virtual Exhibition on the Supply of Goods and Services to the Mining Industry in West Africa

      Organized by the Canada-Mali Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with its partners

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