CCCM Association


Virtual forum on Supply of Goods and Services to Mines in West Africa program
wednesday 1st – thursday 2nd february 2023


Mr. James Bulmer

Saskatchewan Industrial and mining supplies association (SIMSA)

wednesday 1st of february 2023 program



09h00 – 9h05

14h00 – 14h05

Installation of participants and word from the moderator

09h05– 09h10

14h05 – 14h10

Word of Honorable Jeremy Harrison
Saskatchewan Minister of Minister of Trade and Export Development and Minister of Immigration and Career Training

09h10 – 9h15

14h10 – 14h15

Word of Mr. Simon Pierre BOUSSIM
Minister of Energy, Mines and Quarries of Burkina Faso

09h15 – 9h20

14h15– 14h20

Word of Mr. François LAFRENIERE
Ambassador of Canada to Mali

09h20 – 9h25

14h20 – 14h25

Word of Mr. Mark Bristow
President and CEO de Barrick Gold Corporation

09h25– 9h30

14h25 – 14h30

Word of Mr Ryan McEachern
Managing Director of Mining Suppliers Trade Association (MSTA)

09h30 – 9h35

14h30 – 14h35

Word of Mr. Eric Anderson
Exécutif Director of SIMSA

09h35– 09h40

14h35– 14h40

Word of Mr. Lamine Seydou TRAORE
Minister of mines, energies and water of Mali

09h40 – 10h25

14h40– 15h25

Introduction to the mining sector of Mali, Burkina-Faso, and Guinea, their markets, perspectives and major players
By Mr. Issa Coulibaly Technical Advisor at the Ministry of Minies, energies and water of Mali
By Mr. Gideon Lambiv, Chief ingenior of the Northern Territories

10h25 – 11h00

15h25 – 16h00

Overview of the West African Mining Industry, Goods and Services Supply Business, Opportunities and Needs
By Barrick Gold Corporation and by; Mr. Saifoulaye Baldé, Excecutif Director of Guinea Subcontracting and Partnerships stock exchange

11h00 – 11h30

16h00 – 16h30

AOverview of Canadian and Saskatchewan procurement of goods and services to the industry of mine
By the Saskatchewan industry Ministry

11h30 – 12h00

16h30 – 17h00

Government programs for suppliers and canadian Companies at export
By Saskatchewan Trade Commissioner

Thursday 2nd of february 2023

09h00 – 09h05

14h00 – 14h05

Introduction au B2B du forum
By Mr James Bulmer SIMSA Industrial Concierge

09h05 – 09h20

14h05– 14h20

How to do business in West Africa with a focus on Mali
By Mr. Ernest Akpoué Canada Embassy to Mali Trade Commissioner

09h20 – 09h35

14h20 – 14h35

Les Expectations of West African suppliers of goods and services to mines
By Mr. Alin KAMBOU, President of the Commission in charge of the promotion of services within the Alliance of Burkinabe Suppliers of Mining Goods and Services « ABSM », entrepreneur

09h35 – 9h50

14h35 – 14h50

Expectations of Canadian and Saskatchewan suppliers of goods and services to mines from West African suppliers

9h50– 12h45

14h50 – 17h45

B2B sessions